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교회 안내


Beliefs and practices of Saegil Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) include:

  • Open CommunionThe Lord’s Supper, or Communion is celebrated in weekly worship. 
    It is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ.
  • Freedom of belief. Disciples are called together around one essential of faith: belief in 
    Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Persons are free to follow their consciences guided by 
    the Bible, the Holy Spirit, study and prayer, and are expected to extend that freedom to others.
  • Baptism by immersion. In baptism the old self-centered life is set aside, and a new life of 
    trust in God begins. However, other baptism traditions are honored.
  • The oneness of the church. All Christians are called to be one in Christ and 
    to seek opportunities for common witness and service.
  • The ministry of believers. Both ministers and lay persons lead in worship, service and 
    spiritual growth.


크리스천교회(제자회)의 믿음과 실천 사항


  1. 매주 성찬을 드리며예수 그리스도를 믿는 사람은 누구나 성찬에 참여할  있습니다.
  2. 예수 그리스도를 구주로 믿는 사람들은 하느님이 주신 이성과 양심에 따라 성령의 도움으로 성서를 해석하며타인의 성서해석도 존중합니다.
  3. 제자회는 침례를 원칙으로 하는데이는 침례는 자기 중심의  자아는 버리고하느님 안에서 믿음의 
    새로운 삶이 시작되기 때문입니다그러나 다른 세례 전통도 인정합니다.
  4. 모든 기독교인은 그리스도 안에서 하나로 부르심을 받았으며공동의 증인과 봉사의 기회를 추구합니다.
  5. 만인 제사장 원칙을 가지고 안수 받은 목사와 평신도들이 함께 예배와 교육봉사와 선교영적 성장을 
    도모하고 참여합니다

Prepared by Mission Statement Committee:

Young Sook Choi, Aaron Wonil Park, Daeyeon Won, So Young Park, Soo Yun